Customized Treatment Plans

Quinte Animal Hospital offers complete small animal veterinary services to our community. Our mission is to help your pets live long, healthy and pain-free lives. Thus, we customize treatment plans for all our pet-patients providing them with tender care at all stages of their lives. We realize this mission through:

  • Partnering with other service providers;
  • Keeping abreast with the veterinary industry dynamics; and,
  • Collaborating with our clients.

Dentistry Services

Oral health is an important part of small animals’ overall health condition. In fact, dental diseases can lead to pain, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, liver…More

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic helps the Doctor to find out if a pet-patient has a specific health condition. In case of a diagnosed disease, the clinical course would be to implement appropriate…More

Healthcare Service Plan

Often the cost of routine examinations prevents clients from providing the care they would like to give their pets. To alleviate this financial burden, Quinte Animal Hospital has designed three all-inclusive Healthcare Service Plans: Starter Service Plan, Adult Service Plan, and Senior Service Plan…More

Nutrition Services

Nutrition is the cornerstone of animals’ health. Thence, at Quinte Animal Hospital we provide a wide range of nutrition services for cats and dogs. These services are…More

Pet-shop, Pharmacy and Online Store Services

Brimming with wholesome and healthy small animals’ food choices, our stores provide you with a friendly shopping experience for your pet.…More

Surgical Services

To evaluate the safety of any planned surgery, all surgical patients have scheduled pre-surgical appointments. During these appointments, pre-surgical bloodwork is…More

Preventive Care Services

Unfortunately, even dogs and cats that appear healthy can have underlying health conditions. Left undetected, such issues can mutate into serious and even…More