About Us

Quinte Animal Hospital Mission

Quinte Animal Hospital mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to pets and their families. We continually strive to meet the changing needs of our clients and patients to ensure shared decision making and an open dialogue by focusing on communication and education. We commit to enhancing family bonds and improving the lives of pets by helping them to be happy, healthy and pain-free.

Community Service

At Quinte Animal Hospital, we are proud to be involved in community service. It is the sure-fire way to  give back to our larger community. We invest in numerous initiatives across Quinte West and Prince Edward County in order to make a positive impact in our community. Thus, we participate in innumerable community events, host open-house activities, fund and organise holiday festivities, and host fundraisers.

Through the partnership with Three Oaks, Quinte Animal Hospital is the force behind the Safe Pet Program. This Program ensures access to immediate support for individuals in distress. This engagement reflects our collective empathy for others and shows our deep personal commitment to making a difference in our society.

Military Pet Program

Military pet owners experience unique life stressors such as frequent geographical moves and periods of isolation from family. While their life trajectories might be similar to their civilian counterparts, they contend with unusual life pressures due to the unique demands of military life.

In an attempt to alleviate these emotional stressors, our Military Pet Program reduces the costs of pets’ medical services for Canadian Armed Forces, veterans and their immediate families. The Program is underpinned on the premise that the enduring love and devotion that a healthy pet accords to each Military family is a way to thank them for safeguarding our freedom. It is the best fashion to express our true appreciation of their selfless services to us all.

For, at Quinte Animal Hospital, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life of our troops.

And, together we can lighten the load these extraordinary men and women and their families carry on our behalf.