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 Just a reminder that there are many brands of over-the-counter pest control products that can be hazardous to your pets. We have seen multiple cases of overdosing and toxicity to some of these products. Please be very careful with any pest control product, ask your veterinarian for recommendations.


The doctors and staff of Quinte Animal Hospital would like to remind everyone of the dangerous of some plants and human medications. 

Giving your pet Tylenol, Aspirin or Ibuprofen can be very harmful to them and can cause organ damage in some cases. Giving a cat even a small amount of Tylenol may prove fatal. The other concern with giving over the counter medication is that it may interfere with the medications that a veterinarian prescribes and sometimes we are unable to administer the ideal medication due to adverse interactions.

Please contact a veterinarian before giving your pet any type of medication.

The Pet Poison Helpline is an excellent resource for pet owners as well as veterinarians and it has a list of Poisons and medications available on the site. 



Please remember that Easter Lillies are toxic to cats - even a bite or two can cause major health issues for your kitty. 

August 18, 2012

 The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has requested assistance in the distribution of an important Disease Advisory.

 There is confirmation that at least 2 dogs have been imported into Canada who have tested positive of Leishmaniasis.

Please read the official release for more information.


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